New build - Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire

Underfloor heating case study

Product: AluPlas® & SlimFix®-TR

Underfloor heating installation is now part of most plumbers’ skills sets. Underfloor heating is increasingly common, and is becoming accepted as a better heat emitter than other products.

We get a lot of enquiries at Continal Underfloor, many from experienced fitters, others from those new to the system. We’re there to make sure our new customers gain confidence and have peace of mind with the products.

For this particular project, the customer required two different installations over two floors. It was a new-build property without many complications.

Our advice

The customer explained to our Technical Sales Adviser that the ground floor had an insulation over slab construction, and the heating would have to be encased within the screed.  The first floor already had timber decking installed, and as height wasn’t an issue, his options were open.

For the ground floor, we recommended a straightforward solution: a basic pipe staple that fixes the underfloor pipe to the insulation below. This method is the simplest on the market. It’s also inexpensive, and gives a great heating output.

Upstairs, we agreed an alternative solution. We used Continal Underfloor’s SlimFix®-TR insulation panels, which are pre-grooved ready to accept the pipework. These boards can be used either as a floating floor or in between a battened floor layout. The fast and simple installation was just what the customer wanted.

We also recommended our AluPlas® pipe. This is the latest generation of underfloor heating pipe that Continal supplies. With its increased flexibility, it’s straightforward to lay with staples, and sits easily in the grooves of the SlimFix®-TR panel.

Different installations don’t need completely different components. You can use similar components for different installations, which makes for a simpler install over multiple floors.

The result

The customer installed his first Continal Underfloor heating system with no problems. The easy-to-follow manual helped to make installation fast, simple and efficient. The advice from our experienced team helped to build our new customer’s confidence – and he’s looking forward to working with us on his next project.

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