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Sometimes - well, very occasionally - we can all admit our faults, and as men we’re not great with instructions.  The thought of reading them, and actually needing them, can seem a little far-fetched. So, whether it’s a wardrobe from IKEA or something rather more complicated, the instructions are likely to stay buried in the box or crumpled on the floor (along with those few spare bits of dowel we always seem to have left over).

But how about when it comes to underfloor heating?

No matter if you’ve installed fifty systems or five, having a solid plan that you can follow to give your customer the best possible results is a must.

What exactly is CAD?

From an underfloor heating perspective, CAD is your blueprint to an easy installation.

It provides you with a plan to follow and implement, making your system incredibly easy to install and potentially increasing efficiency for your customer.

Your CAD drawing will include the following:

  • Manifold positioning
  • Room thermostats
  • Pipe layout
  • Flow rates

This information will make it easy for you.

But what you won’t see, or won’t be obvious, is that it is more than just a pretty picture that anyone can produce. We do our design and calculations to BS EN 1264, the well-established standard for floor heating, so you can be certain that the system is designed to work. Because we are members of the national trade association, we are always up to date with any changes in guidance and the latest best practice.

All our projects begin with your plans. We’ll take a look at them (you can just photograph and text them to us), and give you the best possible plan-of-action to work to.  Not sure on any of the elements we’ve included or why we’ve suggested something different for one area of the property? That’s not a problem - give one of our advisers a call and they’ll talk you through it.

All you have to do is follow the design and you’ll be done in record time.

Save yourself time

If you’re looking for reasons to get your underfloor system from a provider who supplies CAD with each installation, then saving time has to be high on your list.

Time is precious when working on any job. Not only do you want a straightforward installation, you want your customer to be happy - happy that’s it’s completed to schedule, and happy with the end product.

Installing a system can take a few hours or a few days on the size. One thing’s for sure, if you’re trying to create a plan as you go along or even design it yourself, it’s going to take you a lot longer and it probably won’t comply with the standards.

Simply give us a call with the details of your project and we’ll get to work on a straightforward design and system that’s suited to you.

Quick, easy to follow, and designed for your project

No matter how big or small the job, our team of dedicated underfloor heating Technical Advisers understands that each and every project is unique, which is why we provide bespoke designs tailored to your needs.

All our designs are clear and easy to understand, with  zone schedules, and clear references to individual thermostat controls. Our designs also come with cut calculators, which allow you to measure the exact amount of pipe needed.

All we need from you to start things off is the project plans: text or email them today.

Give us a call on 0333 800 1750 to discuss your unique underfloor heating design.

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