Underfloor heating case studies

For over 20 years, we been at the forefront of the underfloor heating industry. We’ve supplied tens of thousands of fully designed systems – and during this time, not a single one has failed.

Chapel conversion

Products: Continal® staples, SUPERflex™-16 pipe

The client originally wanted to install an overfloor system into the 83m2 property, but the almost 200 year-old property was poorly insulated and so our experts were concerned about the high heat losses present in the building. After learning more about the building fabric, we determined that we could provide a more energy efficient system by specifying a screeded system instead of an overfloor type.

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Cottage renovation offers a seamless finish

Products: TileFix®-18 overfloor system, SUPERflex™-12 pipe

We received an enquiry from a heating engineer whose client was looking to fit underfloor heating in a property in Truro. We supplied our TileFix®-18 system for a perfect match in floor height with the original cottage, creating a seamless transition between the old and new spaces.

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App-controlled luxury for a home renovation

Products: OneBoard® structural system, SUPERflex™-12 pipe, Quantum thermostats

When tradespeople carry out work on their own homes, they want to use the very best products from companies who have always supported them in the past. That’s why, when one of Continal Underfloor Heating’s existing customers decided to fit underfloor heating in his own property, he knew who to call.

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Two-storey refurbishment project

Products: TileFix®-25, SlimFix®-25, OneBoard® structural system

The homeowner had some very specific questions about whether UFH would work for him, as he needed a cohesive system that would work with various different floor coverings and floor heights throughout the building.

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New build development

Products: SUPERflex-16™, AluPlate™ fit-from-below

Our customer came to us for a quote to supply underfloor heating across two floors of a number of newbuild properties.

The properties were all being built on the same site, but the project had an extremely tight turnaround time, and our customer needed to get the quote quickly in order to give his client a price for the work.

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House extension with heat pump

Products: SUPERflex™, ThermoDEK™-18

When you’re renovating a large property that has a heat pump installed, it’s more important than ever to make sure you choose the best performing system, from a manufacturer who will give you all the support you need.

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Two-floor retrofit project

Products: TileFix®-18 and SlimFix®-18

Our client was looking for a large underfloor heating system for an upcoming retrofit project. The system needed to be installed across two floors of a house, and also had to work efficiently with a mixture of floor coverings, including tiles, wood and carpet.

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Self-build renovation - Surrey

Products: TileFix®-25 and SUPERflex™-16

What should have been a simple specification was made more complex by the fact that each room had a different type of floor construction, so he needed to find a single system that could easily provide sufficient heat through both floors.

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