Underfloor heating case studies

For over 20 years, we been at the forefront of the underfloor heating industry. We’ve supplied tens of thousands of fully designed systems – and during this time, not a single one has failed.

Flexible heating for a modern retrofit

Products: Screed system for solid floors

The original floor was being removed, so we recommended a screed system, since the installers would be able to dig down far enough to create space for the insulation, pipes and 55mm screed. Our tried-and-trusted screed system is an easy to install and cost-effective way to fit UFH using either 50mm staples, pipe ties or our SpeedTrak® system.

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UFH for joists made easy

Products: OneBoard® structural system, SUPERflex™-12 pipe

Continal’s OneBoard® structural system was specified as part of the construction of a two-storey newbuild property in Ash Green, Surrey. The ground floor of the property had a screed underfloor heating (UFH) system installed, but the first floor comprised of joists, so the installer needed a system that compatible with joists that would work alongside the screed system.

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Even heat in a large space

Products: AluPlas®-16, 50mm staples

When one of our regular customers was asked to install the best and most efficient heating system in a café and wedding venue in Taunton, Somerset, he knew it had to be underfloor heating (UFH). The large, open-plan building comprises a 101m2 café and 415m2 reception room, which also doubles as an elegant wedding venue for couples in the Somerset area.

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TileFix offers flexible installation

Products: TileFix-18® overfloor system, Quantum RF thermostats

Continal Technical Sales Adviser Carol Jordan arranged for a video call with both the homeowner and the installer to discuss all the details of the project. Then, she recommended that Continal’s TileFix-18® overfloor system be installed on top of the insulation and concrete slab, with the pipe being laid at 100mm centres in the open-plan area, and at 150mm centres everywhere else.

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Low ceilings are no problem for UltraSlim™

Products: UltraSlim™-15, SUPERflex™-12 pipe

The bifold doors had already been ordered and were tall enough that any build up in the floor height would prevent them from being installed. So our installer needed an UFH solution that would give the homeowner the finish they wanted, while keeping the floor build up height to an absolute minimum.

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Chapel conversion

Products: Continal® staples, SUPERflex™-16 pipe

The client originally wanted to install an overfloor system into the 83m2 property, but the almost 200 year-old property was poorly insulated and so our experts were concerned about the high heat losses present in the building. After learning more about the building fabric, we determined that we could provide a more energy efficient system by specifying a screeded system instead of an overfloor type.

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Cottage renovation offers a seamless finish

Products: TileFix®-18 overfloor system, SUPERflex™-12 pipe

We received an enquiry from a heating engineer whose client was looking to fit underfloor heating in a property in Truro. We supplied our TileFix®-18 system for a perfect match in floor height with the original cottage, creating a seamless transition between the old and new spaces.

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App-controlled luxury for a home renovation

Products: OneBoard® structural system, SUPERflex™-12 pipe, Quantum thermostats

When tradespeople carry out work on their own homes, they want to use the very best products from companies who have always supported them in the past. That’s why, when one of Continal Underfloor Heating’s existing customers decided to fit underfloor heating in his own property, he knew who to call.

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