Underfloor heating FAQs

On this page you will find some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you require further assistance contact us here.

Can I control my underfloor heating from a smartphone?

Can rooms be individually controlled with underfloor heating?

Can I install underfloor heating myself?

Can underfloor heating be installed over an existing floor?

Can underfloor heating be laid beneath kitchen units and sanitary items?

Can underfloor heating be linked to a radiator system?

Can screed be poured over SlimFix®?

Do tiles work with underfloor heating?

Can underfloor heating be used with a heat pump / combi boiler / electric boiler / Biomass boiler?

Can underfloor heating be installed through old and new parts of a property?

Can underfloor heating be installed on first floors and above?

Could the UFH pipe leak under my floor?

Do I need a two-port zone valve?

Do you recommend installers?

Does carpet really work with underfloor heating?

Are actuators required when using one thermostat?

Is underfloor heating more efficient than radiators?

Is underfloor heating suitable for renovations?

I have high ceilings. Will I lose heat through the vaulted ceiling area?

Can underfloor heating be installed where the floor is already laid?

What are the guarantees with a Continal Underfloor heating system?

What type of finished floor coverings can be used?

Why do I need another pump on the underfloor heating system?

Is a heat pump a suitable heat source for underfloor heating?

Does the existing floor need to be dug up and replaced?

Is underfloor heating safe and good for my health?

What are the benefits of underfloor heating?