Underfloor heating plate

Take a look at our underfloor heating heat spreader plates designed for use where a floor deck has been laid or not.

AluPlate™ fit-from-above

AluPlate™ fit-from-above

AluPlate™ is an engineered aluminium panel with grooves, to securely clip pipe, to maximise heat transfer. It is typically installed in suspended joisted floors, on battens for sprung floors, or cradle and batten acoustic floors. Available in 100mm or 150mm centres for low temperature systems, and 200mm centres for high temperature systems.

  • AluPlate™ diffuses heat evenly across the floor
  • Used between battens “over joist” with a small increase in floor height or “between joist” with no change in floor height
  • Available in different sizes and various pipe spacings to allow for flexibility of joist centres and flow temperature
  • Suitable for underneath wood floors
  • Easy to install
  • QuikSnap™ allows plate size to be easily reduced
AluPlate™ fit-from-below

AluPlate™ fit-from-below

The AluPlate™ fit-from-below system provides clipping, support and heat diffusion for underfloor heating installed below existing floor decks. Particularly suited to timber frame constructions, with no increase in floor height.

  • Used where the flooring deck already exists, and there is no option to increase the floor height
  • A single plate to allow for flexibility of install
  • Diffuses heat evenly across the finished floor
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for most applications where the heat loss does not exceed 75W/m²

AluPlate™ for any project

With each enquiry you will receive detailed advice from our trained Technical Sales Advisers. They will help you in not only distinguishing between the specifics of each plate, but by helping you to understand which would be most appropriate for your individual underfloor heating system.

If you’d like more information about which plate would be the best for your project, or you’d like any more information about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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