Save time

Traditional water underfloor heating systems, that use pipe in screed, are time consuming to fit. The screed needs to cure and then dry, which typically takes around 6 weeks, before floors can be laid and rooms finished.

For a first floor with joists, the floor deck needs to be strengthened to take the weight of the screed, so often radiators are used instead. And of course, in cold weather screed cannot be laid, leading to many months of delays.

Imagine not having these problems, being able to build to your schedule, saving time and cost, and no wasted months due to freezing temperatures.

Continal has a range of unique and innovative systems, all tried and tested, that do away with the need for screed on ground floors and joisted floors.


A structural composite timber floor system, fitted directly onto joists, speeds up installation, and saves cost and time on-site.


A composite overlay insulated panel, available in 18mm and 25mm thicknesses, ideal for laying engineered wood floors directly on top.

TileFix®-18 / TileFix®-25

Similar to SlimFix® , in the same thicknesses, that can be directly tiled with no special adhesives.

"We love using TileFix®, it's easy to use on-site and saves times during the install."


Our thinnest underfloor heating system at only 15mm. Perfect for minimising floor height.‍