Final floor covering guide

Below are our recommendations for UFH systems based on your chosen final floor covering. For specific project advice please contact your UFH expert.

Tiles, Marble, Stone etc

Tiled floors enhance underfloor heating as they conduct heat efficiently, providing cozy warmth. Their thermal stability, easy cleaning, and aesthetic versatility make them a preferred choice, ensuring both comfort and style in any space.

Compatible systems

Solid timber floor

Solid wood floors are chosen for underfloor heating due to their excellent heat conductivity and durability. They efficiently transfer warmth, creating a cozy ambiance. Their natural beauty complements modern heating systems, offering both comfort and aesthetics.

Compatible systems

Engineered flooring & Laminate

Laminate floors are a popular choice for underfloor heating due to their excellent heat conductivity and durability. Their layered construction allows even heat distribution, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency, making them an ideal combination for cozy and cost-effective living spaces.

Compatible systems

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT)

LVT floors are favored for underfloor heating due to their exceptional heat conductivity and durability. Their thin profile ensures efficient heat transfer, providing cozy comfort and energy efficiency.

Compatible systems


Carpet offers cozy comfort with underfloor heating, its insulating properties retain warmth, providing a luxurious and energy-efficient solution for a toasty, inviting home environment.

Compatible systems

Resin & Polished concrete

Polished concrete floors excel with underfloor heating due to their superior heat conductivity, distributing warmth evenly. They radiate a modern, sleek aesthetic while optimizing energy efficiency and comfort.

Compatible systems

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