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At the heart of any underfloor heating system is the pipe. It acts like human arteries; without them the system would fail.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the option to decide the quality of our arteries, but here at Continal Underfloor we do provide you with a choice of pipe to best suit the underfloor system you’re fitting.

When installing an underfloor heating system we want you to make the right pipe choice, so we’ve created this handy guide to help you choose the type of pipe that is most appropriate for your installation.

SUPERflex™ - say goodbye to kinky pipes!

Ever been washing your car or watering the garden plants with a hose, only for the flow of water to be interrupted by a kink in the pipe?

We all know how irritating it can be and the same applies when installing underfloor heating pipes.

Here at Continal Underfloor SUPERflex™ pipe. What’s so good about our pipe? The clue is in the name; it has a bend radius of less than 100mm, which means it’s extremely flexible.

Increased flexibility means fewer kinks, making it one of the easiest types of pipe to install, even on the coldest of days! Not only that, its lightweight nature makes it perfect to carry to and from site.

Once you’ve installed the pipe you want to know it’s going to last, so you’ll be reassured when we say this durable five layer pipe has a working life of 50 years.

SUPERflex™-16 pipe has a 16mm diameter and comes in 100m or 200m coils.

AluPlas®- the pipe that remembers

Our second type of pipe is the AluPlas®, which has a memory of its own.

What do we mean by that? The five-layer AluPlas® pipe combines aluminium and plastic allowing it to be bent by hand. Once it’s been bent it will hold its shape without kinking or reducing in strength.

This means it can be installed easily, saving you time and your customer money.

Like the SUPERflex™ pipe, AluPlas® has a 50 year working life, making it a great durable option for your project.

The AluPlas®-16 has a 16mm diameter and is available in 100m, 150mm or 200mm coils.

The perfect pipe

Whether you’re buying the SUPERflex™ or AluPlas® pipe, at Continal Underfloor we guarantee quality and robust products with a long-term life of 50 years.

For further information about which type of pipe is best suited for your project, give us a call for free on 0333 800 1750 to speak to one of our Technical Sales Advisers today.

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