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The key to installing the most efficient UFH system is to get the design right long before you lay the first inch of pipework. Always start by choosing the best system for the desired final floor covering and floor construction, then you’ll need to carefully consider the building’s size, insulation levels and heat losses to make sure you achieve the desired heat outputs.

Many UFH companies distribute their products through builders’ merchants, leaving engineers to ‘design’ and figure out the best system configuration themselves based on what happens to be on the shelf when they need it.

But we know you don’t want to run the risk of fitting a system and then getting constant call-backs because it’s not performing the way the homeowner expected. Especially since once UFH is fitted and the floor covering laid, it can be expensive to fix if installed or designed incorrectly.

Instead, skilled UFH designers take the time to make sure these systems are designed properly and efficiently in the first place, working with experienced UFH manufacturers to make sure there are no unexpected surprises.

That’s why at Continal we have specialist Technical Sales Advisers who make sure every UFH system we sell is bespoke and designed specifically for that installation. All our systems come with full CAD designs and we have systems to suit every fuel source, building type, construction and size you might come across.

Our Advisers are available for consultation at every stage of the UFH installation from design to commissioning and beyond. We’ll even liaise directly with your customer and any other trades who may be on site at the same time, so you can deliver a smooth, on-time installation, every time.

If you want to learn more about how to design an efficient UFH system, call our experienced team today on 0333 800 1750 or email

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