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Underfloor heating has transformed itself from a distant mumbling amongst contractors to a vibrant topic of conversation amongst builders, home owners and construction planners alike. Efficient and easy to install into any building project, under floor heating systems have taken over the all important task of keeping a building warm. Sorry radiators, but you just don't cut it anymore.

There are a number of ways to fit under floor heating into your floor whether you already have your floor decking fitted or not.

Fit from above plates

Our AluPlate™ system can be quickly and efficiently snapped into place without any messy instillation techniques. Heat from the pipes spreads quickly and evenly across the AluPlate™, giving the building warmth. Fit from above AluPlate™ doesn't stop there, check out these added benefits;

  • ‍Used between battens with only a small increase in the floor height when fitted "above joist" or with no change in the floor height when fitted "between joist".
  • Suitable for where heat loss is less than 75W/m² making it perfectly suitable for most applications.

Available in different sizes and pipe spacing. This allows for more flexibility of joist centres and flow temperatures.

Fit from below plates

If you find yourself unable to allow for the extra floor height, then AluPlate™ Fit From Below is just what you need. Granting your building all of the benefits of underfloor heating without needing to alter the floor height, Fitting AluPlates™ below the floor deck is an ingenious way to install the pipe system in place without any hassle. It also benefits from:

  • A single plate, making for flexible installation
  • It's easy installation means it's perfect for new or existing buildings
  • Suitable for applications where heat loss doesn't exceed 75W/m²
  • AluPlate™ spreads heat evenly across the floor for a lovely toasty building


Manufactured from recycled plastic, not only does clip track help make your building greener, it also provides a simple and effective track base for installing under floor heating to insulation, concrete and floor decking. The regular grooves in the SpeedTrak® mean that the pipe centres and pipe spacing are flexible, making installation easy.

Continal® staples

If you're looking for a cheap, reliable way to secure under floor heating pipes to insulation board, staples are the perfect solution.

Available in 40mm and 50mm this simple, low cost method of pipe fixing works to secure the heating pipes once laid onto insulation board. Staples are compatible with the Continal Underfloor tacker gun, making installation quick and efficient.

For more information on how we can help you install your underfloor heating, contact us today on 0333 800 1750.

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