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How to answer questions about underfloor heating

As a tradesperson, it’s likely that only part of your job is installing underfloor heating, and so relaying important information to your customers may require a bit of research. In order for you to get to work as quickly as possible, we’ve put together a few frequently asked questions so you know how to answer them. Being able to put your client’s worries to bed will ensure that you have another happy customer!

How much does it cost to run?

If you’re asked this question, the customer probably isn’t looking for a specific figure, but whether it will cost more or less than their current system and how big the difference is. As an energy efficient heat source, people could save money in the long term by installing underfloor heating.

In a wet system, the water doesn’t need to be as hot as radiators, so because of this energy bills should work out lower. Furthermore, if you offer your customer a geo-location feature that turns the heating off when they leave the property, then they never have to worry about paying for heating if they’ve forgotten to turn it off.

A lot of different factors need to be taken into consideration to generate an accurate figure, such as how well-insulated a property is. However, as a rule of thumb, a water underfloor heating system can be up to 20 per cent cheaper to run than a radiator system powered by a gas boiler.

Will underfloor heating raise my floor level?

This is one of the things that can put people off from opting for underfloor heating, so you should be clear that it doesn’t have to add any height whatsoever see our AluPlate™ fit from below system. Alternatively you have the option of adding an unnoticeable amount of height to flooring by using our SlimFix® panels which are only 25mm thick, so your customer has nothing to worry about!

How quickly can you quote and install?

Answering this will depend on your own schedule, with Continal Underfloor you’ll be able to get a FastTrack™ quote within three hours by taking a picture of the floor plans on your phone and emailing them to Furthermore, if you order from us before 3pm, it can be delivered by midday the next day. So if you have a meeting with a client at 11am, you could be installing their new underfloor heating by tomorrow!

A recent happy customer commented "Great work from Continal, a quote back to us in 10 minutes... and late on a Friday. Thankyou."

How will I control the temperature?

As with regular heating systems, using a thermostat is the obvious way of controlling temperature throughout the house. However, with modern underfloor heating, there’s also the option of controlling temperature through an app from anywhere in the world. Better yet, it’s easy for the customer to use and simple for you to fit the Quantum system in an existing installation.

But if all the homeowner wants is a normal standard rotary dial thermostat, probably what they are used to, then they can have it that simple too.

What type of underfloor heating do I need?

One of the most common questions customers will ask is about the type of system they need so they can work out their energy bills accordingly. By sending a picture of the floor plans to our design team, you’ll be able to work out the best price and method of installation for your customer so that they’re kept in the loop throughout the process.

If you want to be able to answer all of your customer’s questions and ensure that they have nothing to worry about, then look no further than Continal Underfloor. We have an exceptional design team who will be able to quote you prices and ship your order within a matter of hours, leaving you to get on with installing heating systems. That’s why we are “No1 for our customers”

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