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As the underfloor heating industry just keeps growing, we’re incredibly proud to be a part of it, and to be growing alongside it. Research released this week has shown that if you want to benefit from the best underfloor heating solutions over the next five years, Europe is the place to be, and we’re delighted to be in a position which allows us to provide the best heating solutions that customers are increasingly demanding.

Innovations in technology and equipment now allow us to provide systems that are easy to install, cost effective, and energy efficient, for any floor construction, time scale, and state of project. So whether you’re responsible for installing the product or benefiting from the warmth that it offers, you can get the most out of modern, energy efficient underfloor heating.

Why is the market booming right now?

It comes as no surprise to us that there is such a high demand for such a great product, however the news that the industry is growing at over 13% annually, compared to the construction sector growth of 8.7% by 2020,  does raise some interesting questions about why so many people have recently become interested in underfloor heating. Although it’s never possible to know the motivation behind such a large group of consumers with 100% certainty, there are certainly trends which govern this type of market growth, and we’ve been intrigued enough to delve a little deeper…

An energy saving option

Perhaps the most likely cause is that buying products that save you money is increasingly governing buying habits; combine this with new energy saving regulations and we have seen  both private consumers and customers focussing more on these options out of choice wherever possible.  UFH works on a lower flow temperature than radiators, increasing efficiency regardless of the heat source.

It’s always good to save money, and with each passing year, the need to conserve our planet’s resources only gets more urgent, and it’s rewarding both to be a part of that process ourselves, and to see so many people taking up the mantle.

Ease of use

As if the energy saving impact of underfloor heating wasn’t enough of a draw, it also has gained popularity thanks to the simplicity that Continal Underfloor offers compared to the alternatives. With underfloor heating SlimFix panels in particular, the installation process is easy, dry and incredibly quick - and all of this means that they cause minimal disruption with projects. Rather than messing around with multiple panels, the installer can use single panels which have pipe runs and returns built into them. This is one of the small Continal l differences that save time and money!

Making space for living

Many people choose underfloor heating because it means they can have large open plan rooms, or place their furniture where they want. Of course you lose the ability to hang your washing on a radiator to dry, and the cat loses a place to sleep, but the added room and flexibility it brings is a key bonus.

Industry experts now reckon over 90% o f the flats currently being built in our major towns are being fitted with underfloor heating for this very reason.

Adding value to a property

You’d spend a little more for a house with underfloor heating. So would we. And it is well reported by Estate Agents that having underfloor heating can add significant value to a home, make it stand out in a crowded market place, or get a premium price. A survey 2 years ago for the independent website Ask For Underfloor showed that underfloor heating was the second or third most popular major home improvement that people would spend money on, and once you’ve experienced it you never want to go back to cold floors again.

So, when it comes down to it, the soaring popularity for underfloor heating can’t be reduced to just one factor - increased consumer awareness of issues such as renewable energy, ease of use, lifestyle, and the work of underfloor heating designers who ensure that products are at the cutting edge of innovation are all crucial contributing factors. Here at Continal we offer all of these benefits, including an exceptional design team, so if you’re interested in a system that can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch online or at 0333 800 1750; we’d love to hear from you.

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