What systems can I connect UFH to?

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Here at Continal Underfloor we are specialists in underfloor heating solutions. Just take a look at our case studies and testimonials to see how happy our customers are with their systems.

One of the things that puts us ahead of other underfloor heating suppliers is our quick response time, as well as our ability to create solutions that are suitable for all applications. From our extensive range of panels, pipe, and  everything else you need to install luxury underfloor heating, we will be able to find you the perfect system,  whatever property you’re working on.

We will design a system suitable for any heat source, and if you need to be convinced, why not get in touch?

Biomass Fired system

Although they remain less common than their gas or electric heating counterparts, biomass fire systems are thought to be increasingly common because of the UK government’s renewable heat incentive. Therefore, we’ve made sure that our underfloor heating equipment is compatible with biomass fired systems.

Ground Source Heat Pump systems

Underfloor heating and ground source heat pump systems are, a match made in heaven. A ground source heat pump has greater efficiency the lower the temperature of water required, this fits in perfectly with underfloor heating, which traditionally runs at a lower temperature than more conventional heating systems. So if you come across a client with a ground source heat pump who isn’t sure whether they will benefit from underfloor heating, make sure you let them know that it will optimise performance.

Conventional boilers

What kind of underfloor heating specialists would we be if we didn’t cater to the majority of your clients? Alongside some more obscure heating options, of course you’ll also be able to connect our systems to more conventional heat sources such as gas and electric boilers.

Whatever heating system you’ve been asked to install underfloor heating to, we’re able to help! From the design process through to the installation, we’re able to help to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

If you’d like more information about any of our underfloor heating systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0333 800 1750, and one of our friendly and professional team will be happy to answer any questions you have! You can also keep up to date with our latest news by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

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