4-bedroom detached new build - Newquay, Cornwall

Underfloor heating case study

Products: Quantum controls and AluPlate™

This stunning, newly built 4-bedroom house overlooks the estuary, and is reverse level to make the most of the views. This is a popular house design in coastal Cornwall, ensuring that the living area has the best outlook. But how does this affect the heating system?

The team at Continal was involved from an early stage. The first floor height meant that we had to design a system that incorporated the pipework between joists. PUG / dry screed can be a brilliant solution if your joists are not evenly spaced, but it can be quite labour intensive. The client wanted a system that would be a little more responsive, and not bear as much weight on the joists.

The solution

AluPlate™ gives you a quick way to fit underfloor heating into a suspended floor. They come with pipe centres suitable for high and low flow temperatures, and were the perfect solution for this wonderful project.

The next stage was to look into heating controls. As a second home, it was important to find the right control system. The London-based client needed to make sure that the heating came on at the right time for both their holiday-let guests and their own visits.

They opted for our app-controlled thermostat system, which gives them complete control over the heating from anywhere in the world (even further than London!).

There’s a misconception that underfloor heating can only be installed in screed or fitted into a board on an existing floor. Our AluPlate™ systems come ready to be installed between 400mm or 600mm joists and can be trimmed to any width.

The result

This is an excellent system for everyday life as well as for second homes. Out for the day and home earlier than expected? Simply turn on the heating from your smartphone on the beach. The house will be all toasty and ready for you when you’ve finished surfing.

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