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Underfloor heating case study

When you’re starting a refurbishment project and trying to decide which supplier’s systems to choose, recommendations from friends and family can be really valuable – especially if they can point you towards a reliable, quality business they’ve worked with in the past.

That’s why, when installation company High Acre Developments Ltd was asked to fit underfloor heating (UFH) as part of the refurbishment of a property in Northamptonshire, they followed a recommendation from the installer’s father, who had previously worked with Continal Underfloor Heating on another UFH project.

As part of the property’s refurbishment, a 55m2 section of the ground floor needed to have UFH installed, with a tiled floor to be laid on top as part of the new lounge.

Our UFH expert Harry King specified Continal’s TileFix® system, which is the only system that installers can tile directly onto using a flexible tile adhesive, helping to keep profiles as low as just 18mm.

TileFix® is a fast-response, high compressive strength system that is designed to accept ceramic, porcelain, marble and stone tiles. The universal panels come pre-routed for return loops and distribution, making installation simple and allowing projects to be completed quickly and easily.

In this instance, the installer was particularly keen on using TileFix® as it allowed him to choose between tiling directly on top of the UFH system, or first adding a self-levelling compound over the top.

Because the homeowner had expressed concern that, if a floor tile ever needed to be replaced, the UFH pipe underneath might be at risk of damage, the decision was made to add a flexible self-levelling compound on top of the UFH system, which created a smooth, level floor surface for the tiles and reassured the homeowner that the UFH pipe had added protection.

When the system was being designed, the homeowner was unsure where he wanted the thermostats to be installed. After discussing the project details thoroughly, Harry specified wireless RF thermostats so that the homeowner would be able to pick and choose where to site the controls once the installation was complete.

The installer from High Acre Developments said: “I wouldn’t go anywhere but Continal for underfloor heating.”

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