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Underfloor heating case study

Products: ThermoDEK™-18

When specifying an underfloor heating (UFH) system for your next project, it’s always best to double check that the right product is being specified for the application. That’s why we always recommend that installers use a supplier who can offer the widest possible range of options, so they can provide high quality products that are exactly right for the space.

A recent project we were asked to quote on was the installation of UFH in the kitchen and living area of a large manor house in Jersey. When we were contacted the project had already begun and a UFH system from a different supplier had already been installed with the kitchen floor laid on top. Unfortunately that system was the wrong type for the space and had not been designed correctly, so had already begun causing problems.

Unfortunately, the new kitchen had also already been installed before the problems were identified, so rather than removing the kitchen and floor, the installer urgently needed a new UFH system that could be laid on top of what was already there. This new system would need to supply very high heat outputs to adequately warm the 145m2 floor area. It would also need to keep floor height build-up to a minimum so as not to interfere with the doorways or lower the room heights too much.

The installer was a previous client of Continal Underfloor Heating, and so came to us to see if we could provide a system that would meet all these requirements.

Our Technical Expert, Troy Wyse, recommended our ThermoDEKTM-18 overfloor system, which is highly efficient and designed to be laid over existing floors.

The ThermoDEK™-18 panels measure just 18mm deep, so using it has little or no impact on floor heights. Each panel comprises a solid gypsum dry-screed panel incorporating Continal’s SUPERflex™-12 UFH pipe at 150mm spacings, with tongue and groove profiles to make installation quick and easy. This was an added bonus given that the project had already stalled following the problems associated with the previous UFH system.

ThermoDEK™-18 offers a high-output, low-profile and high-strength solution, which can be covered with all common floor finishes including engineered wood, tiles, vinyls and carpets.

“I’ve used systems from Continal Underfloor Heating before so, when there was a problem with the previous system, I knew that they would be able to suggest a system that would solve the problems we were having.”

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