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Underfloor heating case study

Underfloor heating (UFH) is not a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why Continal offers such a wide range of products suitable for different properties, so that whether you’re working with joists, solid floors, tiles or carpets, we can provide a solution that will work perfectly and provide years of effortless, efficient heating.

Combining different UFH systems into one project is something we often do for our clients, especially in properties which have multiple floor constructions, or where the homeowner wants a mixture of tiles and carpet, for example.

We recently supported a customer during the installation of an UFH system in a four-bedroom property in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The home was undergoing significant alterations throughout, with UFH being installed on a mixture of both suspended floors on joists, and block and beam.

Because of this, the customer requested a mixture of a traditional screed system as well as our pre-routed 22mm OneBoard® structural panels. Unusually, rather than having these two different systems separated into different rooms of the house, this time the dividing line between both systems fell directly in the middle of the open plan kitchen/living area.

We were able to create a CAD design where the 16mm pipe could spike through the wall where the manifold was positioned directly through to the block and beam area.

The two different UFH systems that came together in the same room each had a different kW/m2 heat-up time, which meant that each area would warm up and cool down at different speeds. We resolved this issue for the homeowner by providing a separate thermostat for each area, allowing for individual control.

Once the CAD drawings were complete and the installer was happy with the design, we delivered the OneBoard® and screed systems on time and in full. Our 22mm OneBoard panels can be laid directly on joists with minimal floor build up. The composite chipboard panel has an inbuilt heat dissipation foil and pre-routed pipe channels ready to accept our SUPERflex™-12 flexible UFH pipe. OneBoard® is suitable for all heat sources, floor coverings, joist types and centres.

Our customer was very pleased with how easy the system was to install, despite its complexity of design, and the individual thermostats meant the homeowner would always be able to have their heating at the exact temperature to suit them, even in such a large open-plan space.

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