Barn conversion - Ceredigion, Wales

Underfloor heating case study

Products: Continal® SpeedTrak®, Continal® pipe decoiler

Our client was working on a barn conversion with a large ground floor, which had a traditional floor make up. Speed and efficiency are always vital cogs in any renovation or new build. When you're trying to keep to a tight schedule and arrange for multiple trades to arrive on site, it can get very stressful.

At Continal Underfloor we appreciate this, and will work around your schedule. The developer on this project knew that he could rely on us, from quotation to delivery.

The developer had worked with us many times in the past, and knew exactly which type of underfloor heating system he wanted. He knew that he could trust both our products and the turnaround times. This put faith in what Continal could do for him, and ultimately helped to make his decision.

The solution

To save time on site, our Technical Sales Adviser on this project suggested that a pipe decoiler would help the client keep to deadlines, while making the install much easier.

Continal pipe decoilers feed your pipe for quick and easy installation. Efficient to set up and straightforward to use, this was the perfect tool for the Ceredigion job, which involved installing 1000m of pipework. This, coupled with the client's preference for Continal® SpeedTrak® (which has pre-set pipe centres to make measuring out far quicker), made for the perfect match.

The result

The client managed to keep to all his deadlines for the rest of the project, and had a high quality underfloor heating system which was easy to install. Our pipe decoiler saved him time on the project, and will continue to do so on his future jobs moving forward. Simple, but effective - and ultimately cost-saving.

Spending more money on extra equipment doesn’t mean that the overall costs will be greater. A tool which allows you to work faster soon pays back the cost.

Our advice

Talk to us about your project. If you have tight timescales or complicated logistics, we'll be able to give you advice about tools or techniques that can save you time on site - such as the fantastic pipe decoiler. We've got over 20 years' worth of experience (and the combined experience of our team probably runs into centuries by now!), and we want to share our knowledge to help you with your installations to make them quick and efficient as possible.

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