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Underfloor heating case study

Product: AluPlate™ fit-from-above

A unique opportunity came up for a different type of heating – installing a system on a contemporary houseboat. The builders had decided to use a heat pump for the heating system and needed a low temperature heat emitter to compliment it.

There was very little space to accommodate any kind of radiator; and with a limited amount of floor area due to the built-in furniture, there was concern that an efficient system would be difficult to achieve.

The solution

The boat builder was also a property developer; and although unsure of the best method, was keen to explore the idea of underfloor heating. He was on our mailing list, and had received emails from Continal Underfloor detailing different floor constructions – so he decided to get in touch.

Our Technical Sales Adviser suggested battening the floor to incorporate the underfloor pipework. After discussing this, it became apparent that there already were supports across the deck of the living accommodation. However these battens were at 600mm centres rather than the more conventional 400mm.

The advantage of using a specialist like Continal Underfloor is that we can work with variations like this, and supply a full range of AluPlates™ which will reflect the heat into the areas required. We provided them with 600mm AluPlate™ which has pre-formed grooves to accommodate the underfloor pipe. With pipe centres of 150mm, they are also ideal for a low flow temperature heat source such as a heat pump. The final wood flooring could be laid directly on top.

“While underfloor heating is becoming increasingly common in a screed floor, it’s not used as often with alternative floor constructions. Why? There are some great underfloor heating solutions for a wide variety of projects.”

Our advice

When you’re preparing a design for a different sort of project, you need the peace of mind that all the practicalities will be taken care of. In this instance, there were bulkheads and built-in furniture to design around. This affected the manifold position, pipe routing, and the amount of floor that could be used as the heat emitter.

Using a specialist supplier like Continal Underfloor means that you always get the best advice, based on over 20 years’ worth of practical experience.

For further details please visit, or speak with one of our Technical Sales Advisers on 0333 800 1750. If, like the barge builder, you’d like to be on our mailing list, please send your details to

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