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Underfloor heating case study

Products: SUPERflex™-16

Many homeowners looking to refurbish and extend their existing properties want to take the opportunity to install underfloor heating (UFH) and take advantage of the luxury and efficiency benefits that this technology can provide.

Fitting UFH in existing properties, especially those that are being extended, often means installers will need to deal with varying floor heights, as the system will need to transition seamlessly between the existing and new areas.

Continal Underfloor Heating recently supported an installer on the refurbishment and extension of a property in London, where there were several different floor levels that the system had to work across, and installing a levelling compound across the entire ground floor wasn’t possible.

Our customer needed support from an UFH supplier that could provide detailed CAD designs on how to adjust the system to accommodate these different levels. He also wanted to use aflexible pipe designed specifically for UFH systems, so it would be easy to fitwithout any risk of kinks or issues delaying the installation.

Continal can provide CAD designs for every system type, and we can quickly create full design and installation documentation for any installer who requests it. So Technical Engineer Marc Bedford was able to design and specify an UFH system that accommodated multiple small zones on different floor levels – all on the ground floor – to make the system quick and easy to install, while providing all the comfort and convenience that the homeowner was looking for.

We also recommended supplying our customer with our SUPERflex™-16 pipe, which is an extremely flexible UFH pipe designed by Continal to be resistant to kinking and incredibly easy to fit. SuperFlex™ has a bend radius of less than 100mm, making it superb for use with low-temperature systems, and is a premium five-layer oxygen barrier pipe, making it extremely energy efficient.

“We wanted the installation to be straightforward and without any issues, which is why we wanted a flexible pipe that would be quick and easy to install – something Continal was able to provide.”

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