New build - Durham, Newcastle

Underfloor heating case study

Products: SUPERflex™ pipe, AluPlate™ fit-from-below

Underfloor heating on a first floor… is it possible? It is with Continal. We offer a range of fitting systems for all floor constructions, dispelling the myth that underfloor heating isn't suitable for intermediate floors.

The customer of this new-build project was undecided whether they wanted to use underfloor heating on the first floor, and indeed, how it could be fitted into the floor build-up. Underfloor heating had already been chosen for the ground floor, but a decision still had to be made about how to heat upstairs...

The solution

Their plumber is a regular customer of Continal Underfloor's, and he knew that with our high quality components and system designs, we would be able to supply a system to meet his customer's needs.

Our bespoke fit-from-below system is a great option if the floor joists have already been covered. It doesn’t require any extra floor build up while still giving the benefit of having underfloor heating on the first floor.

We initially offered two prices for this project - one just covering the ground floor, and a second option including the first floor, using our innovative fit-from-below system. This install method had to be used because the floor joists had already been covered during the build process.

Once the customer saw the benefits of using underfloor heating on the first floor, and that we had an effective install system, the decision became easy. Along with the fit-from-below system, we supplied our 16mm SUPERflex™ pipe to make the install as easy as possible. This is a great alternative to our AluPlas® pipe if you're fitting underfloor heating systems between joists and have tight bend radiuses to deal with.

Even the most experienced installer can be hesitant about installing first floor underfloor heating. At Continal, we'll make this as easy as possible for you, and come up with some great solutions.

The result

The customer got an energy efficient underfloor heating system to both floors of their newly-built house, giving them greater interior design freedom and comfort.

Continal's fit-from-below system is just one of a number of fitting options we offer. Please contact one of our dedicated Technical Sales Advisers or visit our website for further information.

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