Renovation - Estomber, Portugal

Underfloor heating case study

Product: Continal® SpeedTrak®

The developer had initially been taken on because of their experience with natural swimming pools. The customer was pleased with the developer's professional approach and insistence on using only premium products, so extended the contract for work on the property as well as the pool.

The heating system in the house was required across two floors. Due to the size of the ground floor, it was necessary to use a total of 3 manifolds. The floors were all to be excavated, which gave the opportunity to insulate and put a new screed throughout.

The customer had specified that the house had to run efficiently. An air-source unit was to be used, so the heat emitter had to complement the low flow temperature.

The solution

An underfloor heating system was the obvious choice. Having seen Continal Underfloor kit being used on a number of previous sites, the developer contacted us for a quote.

The developer forwarded us the plans, and then it took only a 5 minute conversation with a Technical Sales Adviser to get the right quote, which was right first time (and sent out that same day).

The AluPlas® pipe was specified because the heating engineer wanted to use premium products. They also needed wireless controls and SpeedTrak® to ensure consistent pipe centres throughout the property.

With limited underfloor experience, the design was left to the experts. We prepared the design, and having ascertained the flow temperature from the heat pump, had all pipe centres at 150mm. Each manifold was fitted with the latest Wilo-Yonos PARA circulation pump to maintain the correct flow rates across the two floors.

It doesn't matter if you haven't much experience of working with underfloor heating systems - but you will need to seek expert advice and help. While there are some constant principles with underfloor heating, insulation levels, floor construction and heat source all have an effect on the output and efficiency of a system - and we're here to make sure that everything works together. If you use a specialist like Continal, we'll make sure that you get the right design and the right system, on time and on budget.

Our advice

There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a delivery and parts are either missing or incorrect. However possibly even more frustrating is when the system fails further down the line because the specifications and design weren't correct in the first place.

The benefit of dealing with a professional, experienced company like Continal Underfloor is that we know the right questions to ask at the start of the project. We'll make sure that you are quoted for the right package, that the right package is delivered, and that the package is designed to achieve what is expected.

For further details please visit or phone one of our experienced Technical Sales Advisers on 0333 800 1750.

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