Even heat in a large space

Underfloor heating case study

Products: AluPlas®-16, 50mm staples

When one of our regular customers was asked to install the best and most efficient heating system in a café and wedding venue in Taunton, Somerset, he knew it had to be underfloor heating (UFH).

The large, open-plan building comprises a 101m2 café and 415m2 reception room, which also doubles as an elegant wedding venue for couples in the Somerset area. The venue was being upgraded before the busy wedding season began, but with wedding bookings already in place, time was of the essence. The installer and client both needed to source a heating system that would guarantee warmth and efficiency in such a large space, and one that could be installed easily without delay.

Our customer knew that such a large area would be difficult to heat using radiators, and so he recommended to his client that UFH was the way to go, even though the owner had been considering radiators. The installer came to Continal Underfloor Heating because he had worked with us before and knew he could rely on us to provide him exactly what he needed, in plenty of time before the venue reopened.

“I’ve used Continal before so I’m very familiar with their products. I knew they would be able to specify a system that would provide the even heat we needed across such a large space.”

Continal’s Technical Sales Adviser recommended a screeded system that would cover the entire floor of the property to deliver a reliable, even heat at all times. Our AluPlas®-16 pipes were used because they are extremely thermally efficient, and so would help ensure an even heat across the building. AluPlas® is available in 100m, 150m and 200m coil lengths, and is suitable for all 16mm fitting systems. The five-layer pipe includes an aluminium layer to ensure excellent strength and a 100% oxygen barrier, making it flexible enough to bend into the desired shape across the floor, but strong enough to hold its shape once in place.

The installer then used 50mm staples to secure the pipe to a layer of floor insulation above the base floor, to make sure that the pipes stayed in place and that all the heat is directed into the room to give the maximum possible heat output.

As the venue was a commercial property that would be open to the public, we also recommended installing tamper-proof control thermostats, so the owner could be assured that no unauthorised person would be able to adjust or change the heating.

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