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Underfloor heating case study

Products: SlimFix®-18, Quantum RF Thermostats

Transforming a 1960s bungalow into a modern haven was the goal of a homeowner embarking on an extensive retrofit project.

Homeowner Steve Sims had already worked with an architect to draw up full plans for his ambitious project, but while the architect had specified a different underfloor heating (UFH) manufacturer, Steve was interested in finding out what Continal could offer before making a final decision on what system to purchase.

After learning more about Continal’s wide range of UFH products, which cover every type of UFH option, and being impressed by our technical knowledge and the ongoing support that our Advisers provide to all customers as standard, Steve decided to order his system from us.

Steve knew he needed a low-profile product that would ensure minimum build-up heights across the floor of the property, as well as a system that could be zoned to better control the temperature in different areas. Our Technical Adviser Harry King recommended SlimFix®-18, which would providing pre-routed pipe channels where the UFH pipe could easily be laid. As the name suggests SlimFix®-18 is just 18mm thin, so the installation has minimal impact on the building’s floor heights. SlimFix® can also accept wood and laminate floors being laid directly on top, or carpets and vinyls with a suitable cover board such as our DriDEK™ board.

As well as the SlimFix® panels, Steve also wanted an advanced UFH control system that would be easy to use, while giving him full remote control of his heating. After discussing the options with his Adviser, Steve decided to choose our Quantum Dial RF thermostat, which is has a simple dial user interface, but can also be operated remotely via an easy-to-use app. Quantum also provides self-learning and frost protection, with a five-year warranty so that Steve knew it would be reliable and make it easier than ever to operate his heating.

Steve said: “Continal has been the best supplier we've had on our long and (hopefully soon to be completed) house renovation project! Apart from our builder, I've spoken with them more than anybody to do with the house, starting with our first contact four years ago when we were looking to put a second storey on.

“I'll certainly be passing their details on to anybody who is interested in getting underfloor heating, as I think their product is very well done and the service has been excellent.”

Continal has been a leading UK design and supply specialist for energy-efficient warm-water UFH for more than 20 years. The company’s full range of UFH systems for solid floors, overfloor applications and joisted floors, as well as a full portfolio of controls and accessories, can be found at www.continal.co.uk.

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