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Underfloor heating case study

Products: OneBoard®, Continal® screed system, SUPERflex™

Great customer service and high-quality products are the ultimate goal for any supplier. A recent renovation project in the coastal town of Bude is a great example of how Continal Underfloor Heating is able to provide both, supporting our customers at every stage of the project and supplying a wide range of products that suit any installation.

In this case, the homeowner was carrying out a full lower-ground and ground-floor renovation and extension of an existing property, with an additional extension to the lower ground floor. Underfloor heating (UFH) was then being installed throughout the property as part of an upgrade to the existing heating system.

The lower ground floor was to be laid as a new solid floor, with new insulation and a new screed floor, while the ground floor was an existing suspended floor, with a new suspended floor also being needed in places.

Because of the different floor types, our Technical Expert Ned Bowden recommended using Continal’s screed/staple system for the lower ground floor area, with our OneBoard® structural system being used for the ground floor suspended floor area. He also visited the site before providing a quotation to make sure he was specifying exactly what was required.

On the suspended floor area, the existing timber deck floors were being replaced anyway, so it made perfect sense to specify our OneBoard® panels, which allowed the installer to incorporate the UFH pipes directly into the new suspended floor without having to raise the floor heights.

OneBoard® is a structural system that can be laid directly onto joists, because the boards consist of a composite chipboard panel with heat dissipation foil that offers excellent outputs and fast heat responses. Suitable for use with all heat sources, the boards incorporate pipe returns so the pipes can simply be pressed into place quickly and easily on site, and there is no need to lay an additional structural floor base.

The screed system we specified for the lower ground floor area is a quick and cost-effective way to add UFH to any space where a new screed floor is being laid. The installer simply laid our SUPERflex™ pipe across the floor area and fixed it into place using our Continal® staples, before pouring the screed on top.

The customer now has a new, invisible and efficient UFH system both buried within the screed and hidden inside their structural floor.  

“Our customer needed to have the UFH fitted in a short time frame, so being able to lay the OneBoard® panels straight onto the joists was a great time saver. And, because the site was local to Continal’s head office in Launceston, I was able to pop in and pick up materials and system components as and when I needed them. It was great that Continal was able to be so flexible.”

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