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Underfloor heating case study

Products: ThermoDEK™-18, SUPERflex, OneBoard®

At Continal Underfloor Heating, one of the benefits of offering the full range of different underfloor heating (UFH) system types is that we can always offer our customers the system that exactly meets their needs. We can help them install products that will provide the best possible levels of energy efficiency and heat output and still be easy to fit, instead of being limited only to those systems that we sell.

This was the case when we were approached by a company that was converting a former shop into a three-storey home in central London. Some 95m2 of the property was being fitted with UFH, with the system spread across all three floors. For the ground floor our customer wanted a low-profile system that would give a good heat output, despite a lack of insulation in the existing floor.

We recommended our ThermoDEK™-18 low-profile overfloor system, which has a solid gypsum dry-screed panel at its core and is designed to conduct and distribute heat evenly. The 18mm thick system can be laid over existing floors without significantly raising floor heights, and the SUPERflex™-12 pipe can be quickly pressed into the pre-routed channels to make installation easy and save time on site.

The first and second floors of the property were joisted, and our customer originally intended to use our AluPlate™ fit-from-above panels before placing a layer of structural chipboard over the top to form the new floor. But after examining the plans, our Technical Sales Adviser Ben Willmott suggested instead supplying our OneBoard® structural system. OneBoard® is a composite chipboard panel that incorporates pipe channels and returns that the SUPERflex™ pipe can be slotted into. Once laid it creates a structural floor base with minimal build up heights, so the installer does not need to place an additional layer of chipboard to form a structural floor, again saving him time and money on site.

The customer wanted every floor to have an even heat output and be easy for the homeowner to operate, so we gave each floor a single thermostat to ensure each one was always heated evenly.

Throughout the whole design process, Ben was able to support our customer and the project’s architect with advice on how they could save time and costs while still ensuring the UFH system was the most energy efficient they could source. Our customer said he was impressed with how smooth the process was and the high levels of customer service we were able to provide, and how quickly the system was designed and supplied to site.

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