New build - High Legh, Manchester

Underfloor heating case study

Products: Continal® manifold, Quantum dial thermostats

Continal’s regular customers come to us with challenging scenarios they need solving. Sometimes it’s the simplest solutions that provide the greatest satisfaction.

The client had two large floor areas to cover, and needed something simple, quick to install, and convenient. He had been installing our underfloor heating for over ten years, and often calls us for a second opinion on installations, due to our expertise.


With large areas to cover, this normally means tricky installs as there are more pipe feeds and returns to install. We suggested potentially splitting the floor into two down the middle, and instead of having one manifold, allowing two on opposite sides of the building.

As the customer also needed a simple install and system, we advised he should go with our Quantum dial thermostats. These provide a simple means of individual thermostatic control for different zones of a Continal Underfloor system, and are designed for easy installation.

“Continal offers excellent advice and service to all customers, from those who are installing their first system, right up to those who have been installing for years.”

The result

The split manifolds meant that the installation was straightforward, as there were fewer congregated feed pipes and more room for the manifold installation. This approach plus our AluPlas® UFH pipe made the job effortless. With over 2000 metres to install, the customer was very happy. The full BS EN 1264 design allowed the customer to install the system without any hassle, safe in the knowledge that he had everything he needed and a detailed installation guide.

At Continal, we use our expertise to provide bespoke underfloor heating solutions and excellent customer service – and you get unlimited technical support during the installation and beyond.

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