Kitchen renovation - Hythe, Kent

Underfloor heating case study

Product: AluPlas®

The customer was doing an extensive kitchen and dining renovation which involved completely replacing the ground floor. Having recently purchased the property he was keen to complete the floors before any of the additional works. Not wanting to go to the expense of commissioning detailed architectural plans, he employed a pencil and a tape (and no ruler…) so that underfloor heating could be priced.

The plumber contacted Continal Underfloor, as we'd been recommended to him. After a short conversation with a Technical Sales Adviser, he was confident that Continal Underfloor would be able to provide a quote with the right components, even from these crude plans.

The solution

The underfloor system was designed to be stapled to the insulation. As it was a large area, a 4 zone manifold was required to effectively heat the area and provide an even heat output. These 4 zones could be run with the same programmable thermostat to give an even temperature throughout, with the advantage of on/off or set-back temperatures throughout the day.

With the joists extracted, it remained for the floor to be insulated, the pipes to be laid, and a conventional site mix of screed to be laid. The kitchen could then be fitted on the newly-finished engineered wood floor, giving a high quality finish to the extension.

Pipes in the floor may be the basis of an underfloor heating system, but this really doesn’t allow for the complexities needed to guarantee an efficient and robust system. Use a reputable design company such as ourselves, to ensure the best underfloor heating result.

Our advice

When a customer is prepared to invest in the time and finance to do a refurbishment or extension, their contractors have a responsibility to offer the best solutions. Employing the services of a professional design and supply underfloor company, like Continal Underfloor, gives you the confidence that you are offering your customer the best solution.

Continal Underfloor has been in business for over 15 years, and we've designed tens of thousands of systems over that time.  Using us will give you peace of mind, knowing that you're providing your customer with the best possible underfloor heating service. For further details please visit, or speak to one of our Technical Sales Advisers on 0333 800 1750.

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