Holiday cottages - Inverness, Scotland

Underfloor heating case study

Product: Adaptable UFH system

Over the years, Continal Underfloor has seen many types of different systems designed and installed, adding to our team's portfolio of knowledge and experience.

Sometimes, the customer isn't sure what their final heat source will be before the underfloor needs to be installed. On this particular project in the Highlands, the customer was thinking about installing a heat pump in a few years' time, so he needed to future-proof the system.

This is an important consideration because the design of a low temperature heat source is vastly different that of a high flow temperature heat source.  

A lower operating temperature would mean greater efficiency, so the client would potentially save money on running his holiday cottages.

The solution

Heat pumps work really well with underfloor heating thanks to their lower operating temperatures. If a customer were to decide on radiators with a heat pump, it would mean installing unsightly units on the wall because they'd need a larger surface area to compensate for the reduced temperature.  

Our UFH Experts suggested future-proofing the system to allow for a possible heat pump, but to still retain a workable underfloor heating system based on the higher flow temperature. They also recommended using floor limit sensors to help protect the screed from overheating - really reassuring for the absentee owner.

If you haven't decided on a heat source yet, don't fret. You can future-proof the design of the system to keep your options open.

The result

Combined with our tamper-proof thermostats, this was an ideal solution. The customer was delighted.

"Our own personal adviser not only offered me exactly what I wanted but explained precisely how it worked and how it would be fitted… The service was second-to-none."

The customer also needed a quick turnaround. The quote was back the same day, the pipe layout designed within 24 hours, and the whole process from start to finish took less than a week. We had a system quoted, designed and delivered quicker than you can say "Continal Underfloor Heating".

You don't get service like that every day.

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