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Underfloor heating case study

Product: Quantum digital thermostat

Smart thermostats are fast becoming a lot more widespread in the current market. The need for fast, efficient systems that are easy to control is growing rapidly.

On this particular project, our customer requested smart controls for their ground floor underfloor heating. However, they also wanted to keep the same control for the upper floors, which were having alternative heating installations. Combining different set-ups can be tricky - but at Continal, we have a solution for any project.

The solution

We've come across hybrid systems before, and our 20 years' experience in UFH really helps in these cases. The customer installed our single piece underfloor heating manifolds upstairs, which distributed the heating to the necessary rooms. This also meant it could incorporate our controls to achieve boiler interlock and a high level of performance.

After speaking with our dedicated Technical Sales Adviser, the customer decided to go for the very latest Quantum digital thermostats. These thermostats have WiFi connectivity, which means straightforward, fast and easy connection to our Smart Home app, allowing for wireless heating control from the palm of your hand.  

The app is available for free on Android and iOS platforms. They are fully programmable, and have colour LCD and Geo-Location to allow pinpoint control.

Different heat emitters don't have to mean different controls… Our controls can work across different floors, systems and with Qauntum, it’s controlled from the palm of your hand.

The result

Continal Underfloor was able to supply the same control system for all floors. The customer needed to download only one app, had matching thermostats, and had to learn to operate just one system. The extra features of the system also gave them increased control and efficiency. The end result? One very happy customer.

Are you thinking of smart controls in your home? Think about having them all independently controlled, so you can switch each room on and off as you choose. Plus you can have the same controls for both the underfloor heating and any other heating outlet. Call one of our UFH Experts today on 0333 800 1750 for advice.

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