Newbuild house and adjoining annexe

Underfloor heating case study

Products: Continal® staples, SUPERflex™-16, and Quantum controls

Customers who purchase from us quickly discover that the Continal team can always be relied on to deliver quality products and rapid, flexible customer service.

Our client contacted us looking for an underfloor heating system that could cover the ground floor of a main house as well as the adjoining annexe – a total heated area of 130m2.

He needed a system that he could install with confidence, that there would be no problems or issues with, as he was working on a newbuild project within a tight timeframe. Having purchased a system from us the previous year, he had experienced our high standards of customer service and knew that our wide product range meant we would be able to provide the exact system he wanted, exactly when he needed it.

The system was going to be installed in screed, which is typical for a newbuild property. He wanted a system that could be installed quickly, while effectively heating all the areas required. The system would stretch across the ground floor of the main house – three heated areas – but also had to cover a further four areas in an annexe next to the property.

The solution

The Technical Sales Adviser recommended our Continal® staples system, as well as the SUPERflex™-16 pipe, and Quantum digital thermostats.

Adding the Quantum digital thermostats meant that the building’s occupants would be able to control their underfloor heating with a smartphone app from wherever they are.

The Continal® staples system has been carefully designed to be cost-effective and easy to install. It is suitable for a variety of screed depths, and can be fitted without the need for any specialist equipment.

“I was happy to buy a system from a company that I know I can trust to get the system to me on time. I will rely on Continal Underfloor Heating any time that I have an underfloor heating project.”

The result

After the Continal team had recommended the Continal® staples system, the customer came back to us and needed to revise the design, because his customer had decided they wanted to move some of the property’s internal rooms around to create a better layout.

Thanks to Continal’s FastTrack service, the team was able to quickly redesign the system and amend the quote to reflect the new layout within hours, so that the client could order the system and get it delivered just a few days later.

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