Conservatory - Solihull, Birmingham

Underfloor heating case study

Product: Continal® small area pack

Our client for this conservatory build came to us with a short but clear brief. Underfloor heating had been an oversight, and they were due to lay the screed within a few days. "Can Continal deliver?"  The answer was yes.

The solution

At Continal we have an off-the-shelf Continal® small area pack suitable for up to 28m².  This pack has everything you need to install the underfloor heating, so when you're in a rush on site, you won't be scratching around trying to find the last piece of the jigsaw to finish the job.  

Because of the last-minute requirement, our client also asked if it could be joined into the existing heating system. Our Continal® small area pack has a 15mm feed and returns to the mixing unit itself, complete with a water temperature sensor that allows you to splice into an existing heating system. The water temperature sensor also means that the underfloor heating won't be run unnecessarily. The small area pack is an efficient, simple, and effective solution. The client was happy with both our answers and the price, and immediately placed the order for next day delivery, straight to site.

The result

Using our easy to follow instruction manual, the client installed the Continal® small area pack the very day it arrived on site, keeping to the tight timescale. The result was a hassle-free, high quality system, which our client was very pleased with.

Underfloor heating doesn't always need its own dedicated hot water supply. In small areas, our Continal® small area pack can work off the existing heating circuit, saving time and money.

Our advice

At Continal Underfloor, we have a system to suit all applications and customer needs, so even if you think it may be too late to think about underfloor heating, just give us a call. We understand these situations, and we'll always do our best to make sure you get the right system for your customer, even when there's a tight deadline.

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