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Underfloor heating case study

Products: TileFix®-18, UltraSlim™-15

When tradespeople embark on projects in their own homes, they understand the importance of using best quality products and working with companies who can give them all the support and guidance they need, especially when they are working on a project that isn’t their specific area of expertise.

This was especially true for a recent customer who approached Continal wanting an underfloor heating (UFH) system for his home. Alex was looking for an UFH system measuring around 94m2 to be fitted across the entire ground floor of his house, incorporating the existing building as well as both a new porch extension and a newly expanded kitchen/dining room.

When Alex first approached Continal, he asked for a quote for our TileFix®-18 and UltraSlim™-15 systems for the existing property, and for screed to be laid in the new extensions. He was particularly keen on the TileFix® system because it would give him the option to self-level over the TileFix® boards, and also because it is the only system designed to accept direct tiling with a standard tile adhesive. The universal TileFix® panels provide pipe routing for return loops and distribution, ensuring simple installation, with a low-profile from 18mm.

However, on further investigation Alex realised that he had very limited head heights to play with in the property, and so he decided to instead use Continal’s UltraSlim™ system which, as our lowest profile system, measures less than the diameter of a pound coin.

UltraSlim™-15 combines a high-strength MDF base with a heat dissipation layer to maximise output and temperature variance. Just like TileFix®, the panels provide pipe routing for return loops and distribution, with 150mm pipe spacings to ensure high outputs. The benefit of UltraSlim™ is that it measures just 15mm thick, keeping floor build-up heights to an absolute minimum.

Alex says: “A friend recommended that I use Continal for my underfloor heating, and I was surprised by how professional and sufficient they were. Isabel, the person I was dealing with could not have done more for me. She was so helpful and made sure I was using the correct product for my project. I would highly recommend them to others.”

There were also differences in floor levels across the various sections of the ground floor, specifically between the existing and new structures, and using UltraSlim™ helped to overcome the problem of how to run the feed pipe from one floor level to another. It wasn’t possible to run the feedpipe along the outskirts of the property, which would usually be our preferred choice, because the existing plumbing for the toilet was already in situ. So, instead, we amended the CAD design for the customer before the system was signed off to spike the feed pipe through the walls where possible, and chose UltraSlim™ boards for the porch extension as well.

Alex was very impressed by the customer service Continal provided, and particularly in the way we were able to quickly and easily adjust the system design once the feed pipe issues were identified. Alex worked with his Technical Sales Adviser, Isabel, right through the entire project, and thanks to her support was confident that he was making the right system choices.

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