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Underfloor heating case study

Products: Dry mix system

Underfloor heating (UFH) is an established low-temperature heating system that works perfectly with renewable heating systems such as heat pumps.

That’s why, when a builder in Bude was asked to carry out a bungalow renovation involving a heat pump, they approached Continal Underfloor Heating for a quote

The renovation needed a new heating system that would work with a heat pump, covering a suspended floor area of approximately 80m². This made it an ideal project for UFH.

The homeowner wanted to keep the original floorboards and not raise the floor height at all due to limited ceiling heights in some parts of the property, which is why Continal’s Technical Expert recommended the company’s Drymix system.

Continal’s PUG dry mix product is a simple and cost-effective method of maximising the heat output, using materials that are familiar to all UFH installers.

The system is installed from above and can be laid either within the floor construction or, where height permits, between battens above an existing floor.

The UFH pipes are laid and clipped into place using either staples or P-clips. The pipes can be run at centres to suit the joists or battens, giving installers a simple and versatile installation.

An 8:1 dry PUG sand and cement mix is then laid around the pipes, providing good surface contact and thermal storage.

Depending on the available build height, the system can incorporate insulation directly below the pipe system or below the deck, allowing for the design and performance requirements of the building.

For this particular project, using the Dry mix system allowed the UFH system to be fitted within the joists, minimising disruption to the property.

Because the project was local to Continal’s head office, a member of the company’s Technical team was able to visit the site in person to offer hands-on advice about exactly what type of system would work best.

The builder said they found Continal’s customer service invaluable throughout the whole installation process, with their dedicated Technical Expert always on hand at the end of a phone to answer questions from both the installer and the homeowner.

Continal has been a leading UK design and supply specialist for energy-efficient warm-water UFH for more than 20 years. The company’s full range of UFH systems for solid floors, overfloor applications and joisted floors, as well as a full portfolio of controls and accessories, can be found at www.continal.co.uk.

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