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Underfloor heating case study

Products: SUPERflex™, tacker gun, manifolds, wiring centres

Southra is an extremely large newbuild property in Cardiff with a 296m2 ground floor and a first floor that is almost the same size. The owner wanted underfloor heating fitted throughout the entire property, and instructed a good customer of Continal's to install the heating system. To help their client keep costs down due to the sheer scale of the project, they decided to use a screeded system from Continal Underfloor Heating.

Using Continal’s screed system across the ground floor was the most cost-effective method of installing UFH, using our 20+ year tried-and-trusted staple system to lay the pipes quickly and securely. The staple system was combined with Continal’s SUPERflex™-16 pipe to ensure the customer got the outputs they wanted, alongside the reassurance of using a quality UFH pipe.

SUPERflex™ pipe has been designed specifically for UFH systems. It has a bend radius of less than 100mm, meaning there is less risk of the pipe kinking while being laid, making installations quick and easy every time. SUPERflex™ also has a working life of more than 50 years, so installers can lay it safe in the knowledge that it will work perfectly for decades to come.

“This was the second UFH system we purchased from Continal, and we were very impressed with the way they communicated clearly with us at every stage of the project. That they thought to consider the needs of all the other trades working on Southra, as well as us, was what helped us win this job, because we showed right from the start that we cared about the project and would make the process as easy and delay-free as possible.”

Due to the sheer scale of the building, they also used a Continal tacker gun to install staples on the pipe returns and secure the pipes even more, so that the pipe doesn’t float within the screed once it has been poured.

On the first floor, our client was using an eggshell matting to secure the SUPERflex™ pipe, so they only required that Continal supply the pipe, manifolds and fittings for the UFH system in that section of the system. The size of the property required three manifolds to be fitted on each floor, along with three wiring centres to provide sufficient control over the entire floor.

We worked closely with the team to design the system and to calculate the best positions for each manifold, making sure that we never exceeded the recommended maximum square metre limits. We further supported our customer by creating the full CAD design during the early stages of the project, so that the electricians could install wires in advance where all the thermostats and wiring centres would need to be placed. This also helped reduce the risk of any delays on site as all the necessary wiring was ready and waiting for the UFH to be installed.

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