UFH for joists made easy

Underfloor heating case study

Products: OneBoard® structural system, SUPERflex™-12 pipe

Continal’s OneBoard® structural system was specified as part of the construction of a two-storey newbuild property in Ash Green, Surrey.

The ground floor of the property had a screed underfloor heating (UFH) system installed, but the first floor comprised of joists, so the installer needed a system that compatible with joists that would work alongside the screed system. A further complication was the number of large steel beams running across the first floor alongside the joists. The position of these beams made the placement of the manifold and feed pipes on that floor more complicated than usual.

Our Technical Sales Adviser was able to work with the customer to design a CAD layout for the first floor that worked around the steel beams and made sure the OneBoard® system could be integrated seamlessly with the ground floor.

“I’ve been using Continal’s underfloor heating systems for many years – I like that the products are easy to install and within my customers’ budgets. Continal’s Technical Sales Advisers are also really reliable and offer brilliant customer service and technical help that makes my job much easier.”

The property was also being fitted with a heat pump, rather than a more traditional gas boiler, so the system design needed to take this into consideration and make sure the pipes would give sufficient heat output with this lower-temperature heat source.

Continal’s OneBoard® structural system can be laid directly onto joists with minimal floor build height, making it the perfect choice for the first floor of this newbuild property. The composite chipboard panel features heat dissipation foil to ensure good heat conductivity and comes with integrated pipe routes for SUPERflex™-12 pipe at 150mm pipe centres, making it suitable for use with a heat pump as well as a gas boiler.

The system is suitable for all floor coverings with a capping of 6mm ply.

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