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Underfloor heating case study

Products: SlimFix®-18

Retrofitting underfloor heating (UFH) is as easy as finding an experienced supplier that can help you find exactly the right system you need. At Continal, our knowledgeable Technical Sales Advisers offer full support throughout the duration of your project, from the initial enquiry through to the design, installation and even after the system has been installed.

Our expertise was exactly what one installer needed while working on a property in Saltdean, Brighton. The existing building was being renovated and expanded with a single-storey extension, and the homeowner wanted UFH both in the new part of the building, and in some of the existing house as well, to replace the existing system.

The screed floor of the extension had already been poured before we were contacted, so we advised the installer that they would need an overfloor system that could be laid over the existing floors without significantly adding to the floor height, because digging up a brand-new floor was clearly not an option.

The homeowner also wanted the UFH to be compatible with their chosen finished floor construction. After discussing all the requirements with the installer, we recommended our SlimFix®-18 low-profile system. SlimFix® is a composite panel with high-compressive strength and an inbuilt heat-dissipation layer, which maximises heat output and temperature variance.

Wood and laminate floors can be laid directly on top of the panel or, if the homeowner wants a carpet or vinyl floor, a suitable cover board such as our DriDEK™ can be installed over the SlimFix® panels before the floor covering is laid on top. Crucially for this particular project, SlimFix® panels measure just 18mm thick, which means they will add very little depth to the existing floor height, maximising the final room height.

After deciding on the most appropriate system, we were able to provide a quote for the project in just a few hours, allowing the installer to place the order and get the project finished quickly.

The building refurbishment was also being completed in two separate stages, so we agreed to provide a larger manifold than was initially needed, so that additional pipework could be added when the second stage was carried out, without having to replace the manifold again.

“I was very impressed with the order from Continal. The design and material quantity was spot on and Ned provided a very good service. I look forward to my next order with them.”

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