Varying joist sizes are no problem with OneBoard®

Underfloor heating case study

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The luxury renovation of a stunning property in Lancashire was the home of a recent project for Continal Underfloor Heating. We were asked to quote to supply the underfloor heating (UFH) for a 110m2 floor area as part of the complete renovation of the home, which would cover bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms alike.

The UFH would need to be a suspended floor system to be laid over the building’s joists, but the joists weren’t all uniform sizes, and so the system chosen would need to be able to adapt to the different spacings.

After speaking with the customer at length, our Technical Expert Carol Jordan recommended the OneBoard® structural system, which can be laid directly on top of floor joists and is flexible enough to be able to adjust to uneven spacings.

The OneBoard® panels consist of a composite chipboard panel with heat dissipation foil that offers excellent outputs and fast heat responses. Suitable for use with all heat sources, the boards incorporate SUPERflex™ pipes at 150mm pipe centres and, with a capping of 6mm ply, can be used with any floor covering. Because OneBoard® includes a chipboard panel, there is no need lay an additional structural floor base.

SUPERflex™ is a flexible pipe designed by Continal for use specifically for UFH. It has a bend radius of less than 100mm, making it less likely to kink during installation. It also has a 50+ year service life, so installers can lay it safe in the knowledge that it will work perfectly for decades to come.

While the system was being fitted, Carol worked closely with the installer to help with any questions and support needed, which also included talking to the other contractors on site, so that everyone knew what was needed and the project was completed smoothly.

“I chose Continal Underfloor Heating because they clearly had the technical knowledge to give me all the help I needed, and were able to talk directly with the contractors on site to make sure everything ran smoothly.”

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