Self-build Projects

At Continal Underfloor we have more than 25 years’ experience supporting self-builders as they create their dream homes. We’ll help you select the right system for your build, heat source, and floor covering, giving you underfloor heating that perfectly matches your lifestyle. We can also help you select the best controls for you, and we’ll support your architect, builder or installer whenever you need us.

Why choose Continal Underfloor?

Each project is assigned a dedicated UFH Expert from our specialist self-build team. They will work with you during the entire project from conception to installation, commissioning and use. We’ll assess your project’s requirements to make sure everything is designed perfectly, so you’ll always get the floor system, manifolds, distribution and control methodology that is right for you and your project.

Let our UFH Expert become part of your project team, and we’ll provide you with the best and most efficient solution, always installed efficiently and on time.

FREE UFH training

Want to know more about UFH? Perhaps you are new to it, or have only fitted a few systems. Or maybe you are an “old hand” who wants to get up to date with the latest systems and techniques. Whatever your level of experience, we are sure you’ll find these free-to-attend Master Classes useful.


New build and UFH, for home-builders

Practical, plain-English and FREE advice from one of the industry's longest-established experts. Understand the different types of systems, where they would be used, and the impact that can have on cost, time and efficiency for your new build - you may be surprised.

(Plus: Ask the geek Q & A)


DIY UFH? Yes you can!

For the competent DIY'er / home builder, UFH can be self-installed, with a little help. Chris Ingram offers practical, plain-English and FREE advice to anyone looking to install UFH for their own DIY project.

(Plus: Ask the geek Q & A)


Renovations / extensions with underfloor heating

Renovation? Extension? Practical, plain-English and FREE advice from one of the industry's longest established experts, for home builders. Tackling your own UFH install may be easier than you first thought.

(Plus: Ask the geek Q & A)

UK's widest range of UFH systems

Designed to suit any type of heat source and enable UFH to be quickly and easily installed on any floor, with any type of floor covering. Our underfloor heating systems come with everything you need, delivered direct to site.

Why choose Continal Underfloor Heating?

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Practical, plain-English and FREE advice from one of the industry's longest-established experts.

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