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Ever bought something only to have that feeling of remorse once the deal is done?

If your customers are considering underfloor heating, it’s going to be a big decision. What sort of system they go for and who they get to design it are just two of the questions that need answering.  

Use a reputable firm

Our industry has a vast amount of people working in it, so how do you make sure you team up with the best when it comes to installing an underfloor heating system?

The first thing we’d suggest is to work with long-term, respected industry specialists like ourselves. There’s a lot to consider: the system needs to be designed and tailored around the age of the property, the size of the space to be installed, the type of floor, heat source, and your customer’s preferences.

An underfloor heating system can reduce your customer’s bills by as much as 35%, but it has to be the right system to make it as efficient as possible.  Remember, once the pipe is down it’s not going to be changed, so knowing that it’s going to heat the property is going to save any difficult conversations.

We also work with the best possible products, meaning that you’ll not only know you’re installing the right system, it’s going to be as easy and simple as possible to install.

And as members of the national trade association, and having been in business for over 19 years, you can trust that we know what we are doing.

What’s going to be the most appropriate system for your customer?

Certain myths still exist that suggest underfloor heating mightn’t be the right fit for certain floor types.  We’ve got great news; underfloor heating can be used with almost every floor type, so don’t let this worry your customer when you’re discussing the options.

Ceramic tiles, stone, and wood are the most popular types of flooring used with underfloor heating. What were once cold, harsh types of flooring can now be kept comfortably warm thanks to their highly conductive properties, which quickly transfer heat from the pipe to the floor surface.

What about carpet, we hear you ask. Yes, it can still work with underfloor heating, but we recommend the combined TOG value does not exceed 2. Find out more here: Underfloor heating and carpets

NB: Underfloor heating should never be hot or too warm underfoot. The ideal is 27⁰C -  lower than the average body temperature. If it’s higher than this, there is a possibility that the system is not working correctly.

You can take a look at our range of floor types.

Your underfloor heating system  

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