Underfloor heating case studies

For over 20 years, we been at the forefront of the underfloor heating industry. We’ve supplied tens of thousands of fully designed systems – and during this time, not a single one has failed.

Great service wins the day

Products: OneBoard®, Continal® screed system, SUPERflex™

Great customer service and high-quality products are the ultimate goal for any supplier. A recent renovation project in the coastal town of Bude is a great example of how Continal Underfloor Heating is able to provide both, supporting our customers at every stage of the project and supplying a wide range of products that suit any installation.

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Low floor heights make a great first impression

Products: TileFix®-18

One of the continuing myths surrounding the installation of UFH in existing buildings is the issue of raising floor heights, which some still believe are a barrier to a successful installation unless the homeowner is prepared to dig up an existing floor to create the additional space, but this is simply not the case.

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Don’t let floor levels get you down

Products: SUPERflex™-16

Our customer needed support from an UFH supplier that could provide detailed CAD designs on how to adjust the system to accommodate these different levels. He also wanted to use a flexible pipe designed specifically for UFH systems, so it would be easy to fit without any risk of kinks or issues delaying the installation.

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Always ask for recommendations

Products: TileFix®-18

When you’re starting a refurbishment project and trying to decide which supplier’s systems to choose, recommendations from friends and family can be really valuable – especially if they can point you towards a reliable, quality business they’ve worked with in the past.

That’s why, when installation company High Acre Developments Ltd was asked to fit underfloor heating (UFH) as part of the refurbishment of a property in Northamptonshire, they followed a recommendation from the installer’s father, who had previously worked with Continal Underfloor Heating on another UFH project.

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Bespoke design ensures the best performance

Products: OneBoard® structural system

Underfloor heating (UFH) is not a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why Continal offers such a wide range of products suitable for different properties, so that whether you’re working with joists, solid floors, tiles or carpets, we can provide a solution that will work perfectly and provide years of effortless, efficient heating.

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Bringing UFH luxury to a compact flat

Products: TileFix®

The British public loves a home renovation. For decades, we’ve been glued to our screens watching a succession of TV programmes from Changing Rooms to Grand Designs, usually showing houses being transformed into beautiful homes for families across the UK. Most of these renovations involve extensions to larger houses, but what if you live in a flat? Flat owners also want to add value to their homes and transform their living spaces into aspirational properties that they will love to come home to.

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Levelling floor heights is no problem for underfloor heating

Products: TileFix®, SlimFix®

We recently worked with the owner of a stone house in Cornwall who wanted to replace their existing radiator system with UFH across the ground and first floors. First built in 1904, the 115m2 property had low ceilings and a number of different floor heights to contend with. The owner also wanted to use both tiles and engineered wood floor coverings throughout the property, adding an additional layer of complexity to the project.

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Faultless service makes retrofit simple

Products: SlimFix®-18, Quantum RF Thermostats

After learning more about Continal’s wide range of UFH products, which cover every type of UFH option, and being impressed by our technical knowledge and the ongoing support that our Advisers provide to all customers as standard, Steve decided to order his system from us.

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